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SWIMMING POOL – the facility can be used both by the hotel guests and the dwellers of Dobrich town.
The pool has 3 corridors each one of them of standard width. It is from 1.30 m to 1.40 m deep. The water temperature is around 28-29˚C.

The air temperature varies between 31-32˚C. The pool is being automatically cleaned on a daily basis – treatment against mechanical particles by filtration and treatment with certified protectants to maintain the hygienic levels in the required range.
The pool meets all Bulgarian and European standards.

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HERBAL SAUNA is a light sauna and in combination with natural dry leaves of lavender, pine and spruce twigs or other, is really bio for the human body as some call it.

Put the dry leaves or twigs, together with small amount of water on the cooper plate above the heater and after it is hot, the water evaporates and the wonderful natural fragrance will fill the air. These features create within the sauna an ideal bio-climate for slow heating of the body, inducing beneficial cardio-circulatory gymnastics and a pleasant purification of the respiratory tracts, the cuts and the hair. On account of its invigorating and relaxing features it is one of the best therapies for combating stress and tension. Suitable for all ages.

The time spent in the sauna is usually around 15 minutes. The temperature is around 60 – 80º C A relative humidity is 30 to 40 %.

The gentle environment of the herbal sauna prevents overheating the organism and provides optimal relaxation and purification.


AROMA SAUNA has an electric heater (85 – 100º C ) Its combination with water steam and essential oils exalt the effect of the normal dry sauna. Aroma sauna is based on the therapeutical effect of fragrances on the human body. Respiring lavender, myrrh or eucalyptus essences is recommended for lungs and respiratory tracts. The temperature is around 55º C.


FINNISH SAUNA- a sauna entirely made of wood, in which the temperature is around 95º C and the average humidity is 10%. Heating is performed by its special electric stoves or woodburning, on which volcanic stones are put. They kept the warmth and distributes the heat, but also have a very specific smell, which, combined with the smell of the wood and fragrance, put in the water, creates a unique sauna experience. The combination of peppermint or eucalyptus has a favourable effect on the respiratory tract. Stay in the sauna is within 8 to 15 minutes, after which follows cooling procedure. In the original use of sauna after the Finns are jumping naked in the icy cold lake. Recommended usage time and method: 2-3 sessions for 15-20 min (in the sauna), 20-30 min (rest) after cooling procedure once a week.


RELAX INFRARED LAMPS – this type of system is recommended for relaxation or therapy. Thanks to the relaxing effect of the warming and the relatively low temperature, this type of procedures is suitable for everyday use. Only 20 % from the radiation are heating the air, the rest 80 % have effect on the body. The radiation penetrates 5-8 cm below the skin surface. The heat from infrared lamps is very useful for people suffering from allergies, wounds and cellulite. Unlike ordinary appliances for heating, infrared lamps are suitable for people with low blood pressure or heart problems, sports injuries, arthritis and chronic fatigue. Infrared rays are warming primary the bodies and minimal the air in the room. Therefore, the advantage of these lamps is that they don’t increase the temperature in the room and don’t make the breathing too difficult.


AQUA SPINNING – this is a group aerobics program performed in pool on special bikes manufacture from Poolbiking S.L.U. called aqua spinners or hydro riders. They resemble a lot veloergometers submerged in water. Typically, the duration of a spinning session is forty-five minutes to an hour. Every Aqua Spinning group is led by an instructor who sets the pace, shows exercises and regulates the devices. He is concerned with the safe execution of the participants’ movements under the accompaniment of music.
The Aqua Spinning is one of the safest aerobics’ programs. The movements are in no way aggressive, they put pressure on all the muscles and are easy to learn. It is suitable even after surgery – torn meniscus, ankles, and hips.

What does an Aqua Spinning session include?

The training starts with slower pace of pedalling in order to gradually increase circulation in the lower part of the body and as well as circular motion with hands for warming up the shoulders, back, armpits and forearms. After the introductory part has finished the active spinning begins. The pace depends on the group progress, age of participants and their health. It is possible to introduce individual pae. In this part of the training there are different movements performed in rhythm with the music, then the position of the body is changed, particularly the torso. At this point cycling even if it is not fast, is really exhausting because of the resistance of water.
The training finishes as typically for aerobics classes with a stretching.

What kind of benefits does the Aqua System provide?

  • puts explicit pressure on the hips and buttock muscles, even trained people share about a muscle pain after the first session
  • Spares joints, joint ligaments and spine – the water replaces gravity with resistance.
  • Requires no previous experience can be your first cardio program
  • Suitable for men and women, even in elderly age, provided they have permission from their doctor, the program has no upper age
  • limit for participants.
  • A strong, resilient and healthy heart is being developed.
  • Increased aerobic endurance for longer periods of time.
  • Reduced time for restoration of the body after exercise.
  • Loss of body fat.


The most appropriate clothing is a whole swimsuit.

“IZIDA” Ltd. is an exclusive representative of the Spanish company Poolbiking S.L.U.  We can provide you with professional aqua-craftsmen as well get technical support.

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