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Conference tourism

‘Izida’ Discussion Hall

PARK HOTEL IZIDA disposes of 2 conference halls and a discussion one. They are all well-equipped with modern telecommunication conveniences and have free Internet access. All three halls offer perfect conditions for conducting conferences, seminars, work meetings, company trainings and promotion campaigns and so on.

Each of the halls has an extra office where conference participants, lecturers etc. can dispose different equipment and materials. Chairman's desks with three working places each additionally provided with a sound system are ensured.

Capacity of the halls is dependable on different sitting arrangements: Cinema, class, U-shaped, I-shaped, banquet arrangement.



(sitting seats)

Renting price
for up to 2 hours

Renting price
for half a day

Renting price
for a whole day (8hours)

'Izida' Discussion Hall

2nd floor


40.00 BGN

60.00 BGN

120.00 BGN

'Dobrich' Conference Hall

1st floor


40.00 BGN

60.00 BGN

120.00 BGN

* Prices are inclusive of 20% VAT.

'Izida' Discussion Hall disposes of a large oval conference table and a discussion system. The built-in delegate and chairman units have microphones with flexible stems. The chairman's microphone has a priority button and there is the possibility of temporal or permanent muting of delegate microphones.

'Dobrich' Conference Hall - Each participant in a training, lecture, conference etc. is furnished with a comfortable butterfly table to take notes and place their materials onto.

Should you like to use any of the halls in PARK HOTEL IZIDA independently or combined with additional services, please, send a request to us so that we could tailor an offer for you.

'Dobrich' Conference Hall Izida 'Dobrich' Conference Hall  Izida ‘Izida’ Discussion Hall